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Times Square project criticized by councilmember

Councilmember Jim Atterholt questioned the town's contracted engineering and design firm as to whether the view of the Gulf of Mexico would be impacted by new structures proposed at Times Square, as part of the town's renovation project. Paul Benvie, an engineer with DRMP, told the town council Monday that the sails at Times Square (which could stand as high as 50 feet or more) and an FMB structure with the town's logo were meant to be “selfie spots” the previous council expressed support for. “It certainly adds something,” he said. Atterholt said he felt the structure with the ...

News from around the region

Slight shift in coronavirus cases in Lee County

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Lee County climbed to 20,025 on Monday from 19,176 a week earlier, an increase of approximately 4%. That represents an increase from last week's change of 1.8% while statewide statistics maintained the same pace they have been on for the past month. On ...


Letters to the Editor

Guest Commentary: Eden Oak: Conservation 20/20 nomination update

In the midst of the request by the owner to change the zoning to build 55 units in the mangroves near the Shell Point Retirement Community, the Eden Oak property was also nominated earlier this year to Lee County's Conservation 20/20 land acquisition program.It's the second time this property ...


Local Columns


Collateral damage from county’s reopening

As officials at the state and local level look toward a soft reopening of some public places, health officials are warning of a new normal."While we work together to determine the next steps, one thing we know is that reopening will not be a return to life as we knew it before COVID-19," Lee ...