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Shucker's celebrates 100 years

With men in suits and women in 1920's flapper outfits, Shucker's at the Gulfshore and Cottage Bar celebrated 100 years of being on the beach Saturday with a casino-themed party that paid homage to its roots and raised money for Fort Myers Beach Elementary School. Patrons gathered around poker tables, blackjack tables, a craps table and a roulette wheel as part of the fundraising efforts for the school. Guests purchased play money, with the biggest winners earning prizes such as weekend getaway vacations and jet ski rentals while the band Smack Daddy played music from the The Cars and ...

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Collateral damage from county’s reopening

As officials at the state and local level look toward a soft reopening of some public places, health officials are warning of a new normal."While we work together to determine the next steps, one thing we know is that reopening will not be a return to life as we knew it before COVID-19," Lee ...