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Commissioners approve spending on Fort Myers Beach Water Reclamation Facility

County also approves easements, staging area for Beach projects

By Nathan Mayberg - Editor | Sep 6, 2021

At the most recent meeting of the Lee County Board of County Commissioners, approval was given for more than $24 million in spending at the Fort Myers Beach Water Reclamation Facility and Fiesta Village Water Reclamation Facility.

Approximately $16.4 million is for for the construction of drilling pads, temporary shallow monitoring wells and two 3,000-feet deep, 24-inch diameter Class I municipal disposal/injection wells. That contract was awarded to Youngquist Brothers, Inc.

The project provides a second deep injection well at the 14-year-old Fort Myers Beach site as well an alternate method of disposal for Fiesta Village effluent that is intermittently discharged to the Caloosahatchee River. It also complies with Senate Bill 64 by eliminating a non-beneficial surface water discharge before Florida’s 2032 deadline, according to Lee County Government.

The remainder of the cost is for surface facilities improvements for the civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation work to support the Fiesta Village Water Reclamation Facility Deep Injection Well, Fiesta Village Water Reclamation Facility Dual Zone Monitoring Well and Fort Myers Beach Water Reclamation Facility. The surface facilities project includes site work, new piping, transfer pump stations, and electrical upgrades. The contract was awarded to TLC Diversified, Inc.

Sanibel shoreline stablization

At the same meeting, the commissioners approved the construction contract for the seven-month stablization project of Causeway Island B, which will be conducted by Spectrum Contracting of Naples at an estimated cost of $2.3 million which includes a 10% contingency fund.

The Sanibel Causeway Shoreline Stabilization Project will address erosion concerns of the San Carlos Bay and Pine Island Sound shorelines of the Sanibel Causeway Island B along with the initiative to protect upland habitat and meet the recreational needs of the public, according to Lee County Government. This phase of the planned and budgeted project will be funded through a Florida Department of Transportation grant.

The work includes seagrass and shorebird observations needed to comply with the permitting agency’s conditions. Spectrum Contracting, Inc. will provide construction services that are meant to resolve the erosion problems by repairing the scoured areas caused by roadway runoff and by installing appropriate rock revetments that will reduce the shoreline erosion caused by wave and tidal effects.

The commissioners also awarded a $216,235.88 contract to Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc. for construction, engineering and inspection services for the Sanibel shoreline stabilization project and upland improvements of Sanibel Causeway Islands A and B. That contract is also being funded through a Florida Department of Transportation grant, according to Lee County Government.

The total cost of the stablization project is estimated at $2.8 million, including design and permitting.

New cameras at tolls

The commissioners also authorized the purchase of 12 new cameras for 12 toll lanes for $531,350.

The Vehicle Capture and Recognition System is considered an upgrade of the county’s current cameras covering 12 toll lanes at Lee County toll facilities, from TransCore LLP. They will recognize whether a motorist is using the transponder or is a pay-by-plate vehicle.

The cameras are being upgraded ahead of a toll increase for some motorists including the end of a discount for motorcycles beginning in October, as well as an additional administrative fee for those who do not have the county’s transponders.

Easements for Estero Boulevard

In other business, the commissioners signed off on a series of easement purchases to benefit various ongoing projects on Estero Boulevard in Fort Myers Beach including the acquisition of a 1,032 square foot slope easement at 6666 Estero Blvd., in the amount of $2,500 plus closing costs, for the Estero Boulevard Corridor Project. The easement will provide for the installation of fill material that will stabilize the back of sidewalk for this segment of Estero Boulevard, Fort Myers Beach.

LeeTran parking at Topps lot

The commissioners agreed to accept the temporary donation of property at the former Topps lot on Fort Myers Beach to store three LeeTran vehicles through May 1. The county will be installing temporary fencing there. The county has been storing its Leetran vehicles at the former the Seafarers lot, which was purchased for $5.6 million in 2010. The county is going to allow that property to be used as a staging area for the construction of the stoplight at the Old San Carlos Boulevard intersection, to accommodate the Margaritaville construction and demolition project, and also for planned work by the Florida Department of Transportation on the Matanzas Pass Bridge.