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Town Council recognizes Dan Hughes

Former mayor lauded for service to Fort Myers Beach

By Nathan Mayberg - Editor | Jun 9, 2021

The Town of Fort Myers Beach Council issued a proclamation on Monday recognizing former mayor Dan Hughes for his longtime service to the town. / File photo

The Town of Fort Myers Beach Council paid tribute to former mayor Dan Hughes on Monday, issuing a proclamation recognizing his service to the town.

“Dan was called upon early in this town’s formation,” Mayor Ray Murphy said. Hughes, a former mayor with a background in law and government in Illinois, helped guide the town in its early stages of incorporation in the 1990’s.

A past recipient of the Fort Myers Beach Observer’s humanitarian award, Hughes has been lauded for his community contributions including providing financing for the furnishing of a room at the Mound House.

Hughes, who is 91, continues to serve on the Local Planning Agency he founded and the audit committee. He also played a significant role in writing the town’s comprehensive plan and land development code.

“Dan played a huge part in the formation and short history of this small town,” Murphy said.

“I am deeply honored by this and I appreciate it very much,” Hughes said during his reception of the proclamation.

Hughes said he was proud of being involved in the town’s acquisition of the Mound House, Newton Park and the establishment of the mooring field. Hughes said the accomplishments he was a part of couldn’t have been done without the dedication of many other public servants to the town.