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State stops releasing daily COVID-19 data

Department of Health releasing weekly report with less data

By Nathan Mayberg - Editor | Jun 9, 2021

The Florida Department of Health has stopped releasing daily data on the number of COVID-19 cases.

The state will begin issuing weekly updates instead, which provides less data. The most recently updated daily data regarding COVID-19 cases in Florida was released on June 3 for data recorded through June 2 and does not correspond with the numbers for the weekly data.

For example, the daily data showed more cases in Lee County through June 2 than the weekly report showing cases through June 3.

Other discrepancies include data from the May 28 daily report by the Florida Department of Health showing more than 10.2 million people in Florida have received a vaccination shot for COVID-19 though the June 3 weekly report shows less than 10.2 million and a letter from the state department of health released Tuesday stated more than 10.3 million people have been vaccinated.

Case line data showing the ages of those who died from COVID-19 and separated by county has also not been available. The new weekly report also does not share the number of cases by city or data from nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

According to Lee Health, the number of hospitalizations for COVID-19 have fallen nearly in half over the past 10 days from 86 on May 28 to 45 on Monday.

The number of cases on Fort Myers Beach remained at 753 as of June 3, unchanged from May 28.

The number of people diagnosed with the coronavirus in Lee County rose from 73,462 before Memorial Day to 73,777 on June 2. More than 2.3 million coronavirus cases were officially documented in Florida. As of June 3, there were 37,717 deaths statewide attributed to the coronavirus before Memorial Day.

In Lee County, 368,549 people have been vaccinated for the coronavirus as of Memorial Day. Of those, 300,011 completed their vaccinations. There are an estimated 773,456 people in Lee County as per census data from 2019.

In responding to why the changes were made, the press office of Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a statement signed by Florida Department of Health Communications Director Weesam Khoury

In the letter, Khoury stated that “Florida is transitioning into the next phase of the COVID-19 response. As vaccinations increase and new case positivity rate decreases, the Florida Department of Health has moved to a weekly reporting schedule.”

Koury stated that 85% of Florida’s seniors are vaccinated. “Cases in seniors ages 65 and older are the lowest since early in the pandemic,” Koury stated.

The decision arrives at a time when fresh concerns are being raised in the health community about a deadly strain of COVID-19 in India which could makes its way here. The India variant has been blamed for thousands of deaths a day in the subcontinent.