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Photos at the library

Skilled local photographer shares her work at the Fort Myers Beach Public Library

By Nathan Mayberg - Editor | Jun 8, 2021

Photograph by Lorna Littrell

The striking images of waves of water crashing over the Fort Myers Beach Pier during Hurricane Eta last fall were captured by a skilled local photographer who will be adding to her reputation this month with an exhibit of her work at the Fort Myers Beach Public Library.

Lorna Littrell, a native Kentuckian who splits her time between western Kentucky and Fort Myers Beach, is showcasing 22 of her photographs on the third floor of the Fort Myers Beach Library.

She enjoys taking pictures of “mostly nature and some historic stuff,” she said. She prefers shooting photos of beaches and the popular sunsets on the beach over portraits as she jokes “sunsets don’t answer back or complain about their hair.”

The more going on in the background the better for Littrell. She likes to take photos of sunsets and the beach with sailboats and wildlife hovering nearby in the shot.

She likes to set up scenes that bring out the “rich, vibrant colors” of the environment. Littrell uses a Nikon 7500 DSLR camera with a 7200 millimeter lense. She also likes using her iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Photograph by Lorna Littrell

Littrell and her husband Darrell have made a home on Fort Myers Beach for the past 20 years after beginning annual visits in the early 1980’s. In the past year, they became full-time residents. “We absolutely fell in love with the place,” she said. “There are down-to-earth good people.”

They still operate a business in Kentucky, Sunrise Tool & Die Inc., which makes moldings for plastics.

The shorebirds and the beach are among the biggest attractions for her. “It’s calm, serene,” she said.

“I love the laid-back, easy-going atmosphere. I love the weather,” Littrell said. “People are protecting the environment the best they can.”

She encourages others to take up photography. “Don’t be afraid to get your camera out and try new things,” Littrell said. “You can do it on a budget. It’s not hard.”

Photographer Lorna Littrell captured these images of the waves from the Gulf of Mexico crashing over onto the Pierside Grill and Famous Blowfish Bar during Hurricane Eta last fall on Fort Myers Beach. Her photography is being featured at the Fort Myers Beach Public Library this month on the third floor.

Littrell calls photography “calming and therapeutic.” She started taking up photography as a hobby in recent years after learning that the father who raised her wasn’t her biological dad. Photography helped her with processing her emotions. “It’s a great stress reliever,” she said.

To view more of Littrell’s work and contact her about making a purchase, you can visit https://lornalittrellphotography.com. Littrell said she donates a portion of her sales to charity. During the pandemic, she donated gift cards to island workers.

“This (photography) for me is a passion and a love,” Littrell said.