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DeSantis to pardon COVID-19 violators

By Nathan Mayberg - Editor | May 13, 2021

In an executive order issued Thursday, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced a 60-day reprieve for all individuals and businesses subjected to criminal charges, fines or penalties relating to local government restrictions connected to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The reprieve is a precursor to a full pardon DeSantis intends to issue on June 16 at the next meeting of the Board of Executive Clemency. The pardon and reprieve would not effect any statewide sanctions or penalties issued against assisted living facilities, hospitals or other healthcare providers.

According to the order, DeSantis stated he intends to remit and cancel any local government fines relating to COVID-19 restrictions and rules, which he has previously done several times since last year.

In his order, DeSantis said “such action is necessary to ensure that the State of Florida experiences a rapid and orderly restoration and recovery from the COVID-19 emergency and that systems of justice are fair everywhere in the State in relation to the emergency.”