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Photography exhibit at Fort Myers Beach Public Library

By Nathan Mayberg - Editor | Mar 18, 2021

This photograph of a bald eagle by local photographer Monica Lynn is part of a gallery being shown at the Fort Myers Beach Public Library. / Photo provided.

When it comes to taking photographs of local wildlife treasures like dolphins or eagles, photographer Monica Lynn prefers to see them up close in their habitat while in her kayak.

Lynn’s photographs and a couple digital artworks will be displayed for the rest of March at the Fort Myers Beach Public Library as part of a display on the third floor entitles “A Kingdom by the Sea.”

In addition to wildlife, Lynn is fascinated with the area’s famous sunsets.

“They aren’t sunsets,” Lynn said. “They are stunsets.”

The 42 photographs on display were taken by Lynn in her kayak with a Canon D-7 camera. There are two piece of art that show a background she photographed with a digitally imprinted dolphin. The photographs include a bald eagle and scenic shots.

Lynn has been doing free presentations from the community room of the library and through Zoom featuring her dolphin photos and discussing the dolphins.

She also wrote a children’s book which she published titled “A Letter from Clarence O’Malley” which includes pictures of dolphins. Lynn has read the book to Beach Elementary students at the library. The children were “so concerned about dolphins,” Lynn said. She said speeding “is such an issue” in the Fort Myers Beach waters with boaters trying to get dolphins to jump in their wake.

“There are a lot of new dolphin calves,” Lynn said. This past winter was tough for Lynn to get in the kayak due to another influx of red tide though she said it has largely subsided in recent weeks.

A native of Ohio and retired optician, Lynn has been living locally for the past eight years. She said she “didn’t realize how much I was missing until” she started heading into the water in a kayak.

She has a website titled Fairypodmother.com where she sells prints of her work as we as cards. A portion of the funds go to animal rescue and dolphin education efforts, including videos she makes.

Lynn is working on a new book about dolphins which details what she has learned from observing them and “how they approach life.” She enjoys how dolphins are “playful in the moment.”

Lynn said the presence of dolphins in the waters off Fort Myers Beach “reminds me you have to be present in the moment.”

Lynn’s photograph show at the library runs through the end of the month. Her next presentation is scheduled for Tuesday, March 30 at 10:30 a.m. at the library.