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Spirit of Christmas another success

By Nathan Mayberg - Editor | Jan 15, 2021

Despite not being able to hold their annual chicken dinner to fundraise due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Jim and Sharon Jamieson said they were able to raise about $20,000 from local businesses, areas foundations and an online auction to benefit their Spirit of Christmas Inc. foundation this season.

Their success was measured by the number of families they helped. By their count, 238 kids were the beneficiaries of presents through their effort this season.

“We’re happy we got it done,” Mr. Jamieson said.

Mr. Jamieson said the distribution of funds for the Walmart shopping was done over a three-day period from Dec. 17-19. Normally the shopping is done on one day with Walmart gift cards but this year things were done differently with Mr. Jamieson using a credit card for the purchases due to a change in Walmart store policy, he said.

“We were able to look after a bunch of people,” he said.

Nearly all of the funds given to parents to spend on their children for presents goes to toys or clothing. A small number of parents will also buy food or medical supplies with the money given, Jamieson said. For each child, a parent receives $100 for gifts. “We’re generous,” he said.

“We know where these families are coming from. We know they are needy. We know they need help. We’re happy to help them,” Mr. Jamieson said.

Jamieson said approximately 60% of the funds were raised by the major contributions this year from the American Legion Auxiliary Post Dough Speirn-Smith, the Christopher and Joni Hall Foundation, John Solar Foundation, the St. Charles Harbour Foundation, the Mike and Kathy Poff Charitable Fund.

“It’s a lot of hard work and I love doing it,” Jamieson said. “I will probably do it until the day I die.”