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Zoomers transforming to FastTrax

By Nathan Mayberg - Editor | Nov 23, 2020

Marc Ciniello, whose family purchased Zoomers, stands in front of the go kart track which is being refurnished under the facility's new name FastTrax.

Zoomers Amusement Park, the family entertainment center off of Summerlin Boulevard, has been bought out and is undergoing extensive renovations as it begins a new life as “FastTrax.” Its new owners expect will bring an exciting new fun to children and families.

The new owners are Pat and and Lisa Ciniello, who also operate HeadPinz Entertainment Center in Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Naples.

New duckpin bowling, an updated electric go-kart track, new bumper cars and an updated arcade are all part of a fresh look being built as part of extensive renovations at the former Zoomers. The amusement park has been closed since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

The sale of the 18-acre property was finalized this summer. About six acres of land is used for the park.

Many of the former attractions will stay, including bumper boats, several rides and approximately 70 arcade games. Some rides and games are being replaced. A gorilla ride was one of the casualties, to help make way for bumper cars.

This unique transformer, complete with parts of old record album covers including Bananarama and the best of Tommy Dorsey, is available to anyone who might want to pick it up from Zoomers as part of a renovation of the property as it is turned into FastTrax.

Marc Ciniello, the son of the owners, is overseeing the revamping of the facility along with games and amusement manager Curtis Stavich. “It caught our eyes,” Ciniello said of the decision by his family to purchase the park.

“There is a lot of work to do,” Ciniello said. He expects the renovations to be completed in February.

One of the biggest changes is the go-karts, which will go from gas-powered to electric-powered, making them faster. The new go-karts can go up to 45 mph though the speed will not be as fast for kids. There are two tracks – one is 700-feet long and the other is 330-feet long. Ciniello and Stavich expect to combine the two tracks into one for certain days when adults want to race.

In addition to the new games, there will be two new updated bars and expanded food options.

Ciniello expects the duckpin bowling, located upstairs on the property, to be a key attraction. Duckpin bowling features a much smaller lane, smaller bowling ball, smaller pins. There are no bowling shoes required. The smaller ball also means its harder to knock down all the pins. The duckpin bowling system also features automatic pin resetting and automatic scoring.

Marc Ciniello, whose family purchased Zoomers, stands in front of the new duck pin bowling, one of a number of new changes as the Zoomers amusement parl off Summerlin Road transforms into FastTrax.

The arcade will include some new games including visual gaming options as well as the ever-popular Mario Kart.

While friends and family have friendly bowling competitions against each other, there will be music videos and television playing in the background, Ciniello said. Ciniello expects the bowling to be a popular competitive game for friends and families. “It’s something fun for people to do,” he said.

“We’re in it for the long haul,” Ciniello said. “We’re putting in a lot of work into it. We’re going to make this work.”

For anybody who is a fan of the Transformers cartoon and with some extra space, the new owners have a massive Transformers figure that was put together with an artist, fitted with some old cutout record album covers. The owners will let it go to whoever wants it.

The FastTrax owners hope their new entertainment center will be a major attraction for children and families in a location just off Fort Myers Beach and a standout visual attraction off Summerlin Road.

The sign outside Zoomers will soon be changed to FastTrax, which is revamping the family entertainment center off of Summerlin Road near Fort Myers Beach

It’s a place where even adults can feel young again.

The go karts at FastTrax will be electrically powered, a change from the gas powered go karts at Zoomers.

This gorilla ride is up for sale as part of the new look at the former Zoomers amusement park, which is bring revamped as FastTrax with some new games including bumper cars.

The plans are to keep this game on at FastTrax as the facility revamps the look of the former Zoomers amusement park