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Lee Commission chair tests positive for COVID-19; symptoms reported to be minor

By Staff | Jul 8, 2020

Lee County Board of County Commissioners Chairman Brian Hamman has announced that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

Hamman made the announcement on his Facebook page Wednesday morning, stating that he is not certain how he caught the coronavirus. He received the positive test results on Tuesday.

“Unfortunately, I have tested positive for COVID-19,” Hamman said. “The good news is my symptoms are mild. They are a lot like a cold and everybody in my family seems to be in about the same kind of shape. The kids are fine so that’s really good news. The biggest symptom for me is I can not smell or taste anything.” Hamman said he lost his sense of taste or smell about six days ago “and immediately we isolated ourselves.”

The Florida Department of Health has started contact tracing “to let everybody know,” Hamman said. Hamman said he has been following social distancing guidelines and wearing a mask.

“I honestly have no idea where or how I caught this,” he said. “I’ve been following all of the guidelines I have been recommending to all of you.”

Hamman said “let it be a warning to you that anyone can catch this and anyone can spread this.” Hamman said people should take precautions to protect other people.

“Take every symptom that you have right now. I never had a fever neither does my wife but we both have allergy or cold-like symptoms so if you get symptoms like that please isolate yourself, make an appointment to be tested and do your part not to spread this disease. Please wear your mask when you can’t physically distance.”

The commissioner said he will be quarantining at home and called on people to limit social activities and wash their hands.

“There is just so much of this out there. Now is not a good time to be going to any kind of parties or anything like that.”