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Best Western Plus completing renovations

By Staff | Jun 3, 2020

Best Western Plus

Best Western Plus Beach Resort managing partner Tim Malbon wasn’t exactly jumping for joy when the town closed its beaches and hotels in March. Initially presented as a 90-day ban, Malbon and the management of the Estero Boulevard hotel situated on the northern end of the beach decided it was a good time to give the property a facelift. Initially planned as a project that would take them into the late summer, management is targeting a reopening date of July 1 since the beach reopened earlier than expected.

Workers are currently busy throughout the hotel property painting the facade, pool deck, the rooms, the halls, stuccoing and doing “much-needed concrete restoration,” Malbon said.

It’s all part of an estimated $400,000 renovation project for the 75-room hotel. “They’ve gone through and took out all the bad concrete and water-protected the balconies.” All of the exteriors of the hotel as well as most of the inside has been given a fresh coat of paint which is helping to give the property an updated feel.

The inside of the hotel has undergone a deep clean, with staff being trained on new sanitizing, static spraying and disenfectant procedures. “We’ve kept our staff busy,” Malbon said. He expects to bring more employees in the next couple of weeks and get them up to speed on the new policies. Ultimately, the hotel will have approximately 24 workers when fully staffed. “They all said they are coming back,” Malbon said.

The property overlooks the Gulf of Mexico with access to the beach with picnic tables and beach chairs. Along with an outdoor pool, there is outdoor grilling and a backyard with plantings that gives the back of the property room to breathe with some cover from the heat.

Best Western Plus Beach Resort

By July 1, Malbon expects to have approximately three-fourths of the hotel available for occupancy. “It depends on how quick the renovation work gets done,” he said. “It’s all contingent on the weather.” Currently, the hotel is booking at about 20% for the month of July.

“It’s going to take a little while for it to come back,” Malbon said. “We’ll be ready to go July 1.”

Tim Malbon