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Lee County coronavirus death toll rises to 32

By Staff | Apr 23, 2020

The Florida Department of Health reported that a 67-year-old male and 89-year-old male in Lee County died on Wednesday from complications related to the coronavirus, in their latest update Thursday evening.

The two casualties raise the county’s death toll from the coronavirus known as COVID-19 to 32 from 887 cases. Lee County has the seventh-most cases in the state by county.

Of the 32 cases, 22 have been males. That means in Lee County, males have been twice as likely to die from the coronavirus than females.

Overall, there have been 987 deaths among Florida residents from the coronavirus out of 29,648 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state. There have been 301,721 people in Florida tested for the coronavirus, meaning there has been a 10% rate of positives among those tested.

There have been six confirmed coronavirus cases on Fort Myers Beach, a figure which has remained unchanged for approximately two weeks.

At Lee Health, there are currently 74 COVID-19 patients isolated in its hospitals. There have been 158 patients who had tested positive for the coronavirus who have been discharged by Lee Health.

Lee Health currently has 165 employees quarantined at home and 30 employees are currently positive for COVID-19.

The number of coronavirus cases confirmed per day in Florida has dropped from a high of 1,207 on April 16 to 727 cases confirmed on April 22. Those figures have been fluctuating as there were 881 new coronavirus positive cases confirmed on April 21.

Testing for coronavirus has remained steady in April, with more than 10,000 people being tested each day since April 15 with a high of 17,247 on April 16 and 12,637 tested on April 22.