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We need to prepare for what’s coming next

By Staff | Apr 22, 2020

To the editor:

Hi, my name is Hayden McBride I go to Gulf Middle School. The reason I am sending this letter is that I feel like we are in trouble and we need to fight back to survive as a community.

I think the coronavirus is worse than we think because of how it is going to impact us in the future. As a student, I think we might not get all the learning we need because of the way school is set up.

Another way it is going to impact us is those small businesses might not open back up again and it might be hard for people to get jobs because of this and make an income because of the coronavirus, and this will really hurt the economy.

As a community, we need to start thinking about the after-effects of this and we need to help the small businesses to get back and running so our community can keep on running. To help small businesses, how can we work together to give each restaurant money to help with their reopening? I think that we could host an event to help raise money, as well as find creative ways to let people know about all of the small businesses in our community.

These are the reasons that the coronavirus will impact us, we need to be preparing for what is coming.

Hayden McBride

Cape Coral