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Voting for Veach, Atterholt and Allers

By Staff | Mar 13, 2020

The March 17th elector for three town council seats as is important for the future of the town.

In our view, four of the candidates are will suited of serve. We can cast a vote for three. The three we support, in reverse alphabetical order: Bill Veach, Jim Atterholt, Dan Allers.

Bill has demonstrated his commitment to the town though his actions since moving the island. He immersed himself in all things costal and became a certificated marine naturalist and currently serves as chair fo Town Marine Resource Task Force. Bill contributes a a weekly environmental column to local paper as a means of educating island residents and visitors.

Jim’s qualifications are very impressive from congressional staffer, state insurance commission, governor’s chief of staff, plus other positions. We are fortunate that Jim is seeking to continue to serve our town, he currently serves on the Local Planning Agency (LPA). Jim’s commitment to Servant Leadership will be important while serving on a five person council representing divergent views about the island’s future. Jim’s calm demeanor will serve us well.

Dan Allers jumped into town service shortly after moving to the island. His service on the Local Planning Agency (LPA) demonstrates his commitment to the community. As part of his campaign to learn more about the island, Dan has walked every street and knocked on every door to listen and learn. His commitment to the community is evident.

We add our voices to those of our fellow islanders. Vote a slate: Allers, Atterholt, Veach.

Ellen & Pat Vaughan

Ft Myers Beach