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Old trolley stop on Estero replaced with Fifth Street stop

By Staff | Mar 11, 2020

The former county bus and trolley stop on Estero Boulevard across from Crescent Beach Family Park has been replaced with a Lee County bus and trolley stop on Fifth Street off of Crescent Street, the last stop before exiting the island. NATHAN MAYBERG

The former Lee County bus and trolley stop on Estero Boulevard, which was the last before the Matanzas Pass Bridge heading off the island, has been replaced with a stop on Fifth Street near the bridge and the Lighthouse Resort Inn and Suites. Instead of going through the busy intersection on Estero Boulevard off the bridge, the county-owned trolleys and buses are diverting off of Estero Boulevard onto Crescent Street and then turning onto Fifth Street for the final stop before the bridge.

The change was made at the request of the Town of Fort Myers Beach to help alleviate some of the congestion on Estero Boulevard, according to Lee County spokesman Timothy Engstrom.

“It was a nightmare when they were stopping right there at the curb. It was backing up traffic tremendously,” Mayor Anita Cereceda said of the former trolley stop.