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Don’t surrender to traffic

By Staff | Feb 19, 2020

To the editor:

This letter is a response to the article stating that there is no magic bullet to solve Fort Myers Beach traffic problems. It is difficult not to agree with the above statement but it is fatalistic to simply throw in the towel and surrender.

One idea that comes to mind is making trolley service from the bus depot at Summerlin Square Drive and Pine Ridge Road a more viable alternative. As things stand now, I wouldn’t use the service. Who would want to park your car, transfer your beach gear, and then sit in traffic for upwards of an hour? I would prefer to be in my own vehicle and it appears that most visitors agree. The ridership is underutilized.

Is there a solution? What if you could park for free at the depot, hop on the trolley and get to the Beach in under 15 minutes? I would certainly consider it and I suspect others would as well. If we would allow the trolleys to leave the depot via Summerlin Square Drive through the Walmart parking lot and enter the center lane on San Carlos Boulevard and then continue non-stop all the way to Times Square? Once in the Square riders would be able to use the tram service to access whatever parts of the Beach they desire.

I believe it would work and that it could be done. The center lane could be dedicated to non-stop trolley service all the way to the bridge and then the trolley could switch to the right-hand lane on the bridge until it arrives in Times Square. The trolley could then pick up any passengers for the return trip and use the regular lanes that don’t back up leaving the island the all the way back to the depot.

I’m sure their will be naysayers but it is worth investigating. Islander deserve a traffic break.

Edward McCarthy

Fort Myers Beach