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The answers should be obvious

By Staff | Jan 15, 2020

To the editor:

In a recent edition of the Observer, Jan. 8, a guest commentary by Anita Cereceda, and an article by Nathan Mayberg, were read with interest and amusement.

The fun part in Mr. Mayberg’s article was that $16,500 had been given to a consultant to look into the traffic flow problem.

Anybody could have explained that issue without the expenditure. Just drive over the bridge. Send me the check.

Previous councils have developed an arrangement, with a developer, granting zoning change for a resort project.

Now one can only watch as more cars and people flood the island with nowhere to park.

What else was supposed to be the outcome?

These councilpersons knew long ago how much land is here.

Ms. Cereceda, in her article, laid out on the table what has and will happen. Very honest and informative, as I am a seasonal guest here, and don’t follow this all year.

The island is getting what previous councils wanted; development, jobs, income.

What we as seasonal visitors are getting is $3 an hour parking, some places more, and $4 beers.

And when the new resort opens, I can see them just rounding off the price and make it $5 for a beer up and down the island.

One is on the island for 10 minutes, and dropped $20, and haven’t made it to the beach.

Maybe down the road parking won’t be a problem, as we could be priced out of the game.

Louis Stefanoni