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New parking app in the works for Fort Myers Beach

By Staff | Nov 13, 2019

Fort Myers Beach Community Resources Advisory Board member Rebecca Weber. PHOTO PROVIDED

Parking in Fort Myers Beach can be tricky, particularly during the busy tourism season but also during the off-season.

To address this ongoing issue, Fort Myers Beach Community Resources Advisory Board member Rebecca Weber used her experience with technology to help develop an app which will help newcomers locate parking and other important town-related destinations.

Parking is “such a problem during the season,” Weber said.

Weber, a New Jersey native who formerly worked as the chief information officer for a health systems company, is donating her time to the town to work on the app. “I have been in information technologies a long time,” Weber said.

“The app is getting ready for testing,” she said. The development of the app started a few months ago, following discussions by the Community Resources Advisory Board regarding parking. Weber said she expects to make some adjustments to the app and “bring it live in the very near future.”

The new app will pinpoint town parking locations and provide a link to some of the private parking spaces available along the beach. Public restrooms will also be highlighted. Weber said the app will also give information to visitors on “places to see and things to do.” She said the app will not highlight any private businesses.

The app may show app users the traveling distance between certain destinations and parking. “We are trying to make it simple to use,” Weber said. “It’s actually been fun.”

Parking has been a source of concern for the Town of Fort Myers Beach Council. The council hired Tampa-based Walker Consultants last year to conduct a study for $16,500. The firm made a presentation to the council about the parking situation on Oct. 29 though no specific decisions have been made as a result of the study.