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The F.E.M. Collective to have first Summer Series show on Fort Myers Beach

By Staff | Jun 26, 2019

The F.E.M. Collective believes that women deserve to be heard. They seek to amplify women’s voices in the music industry. F.E.M. stands for female empowering musicians.

The F.E.M Collective is about leaving the pressures that female artists/songwriters experience behind to simply appreciate the value of female artists, the love for creating art, and the ability to empower others through music.

The Collective was started by Sheena Brook, a singer/songwriter and Fort Myers Beach native. She is best known for being on season 12 of The Voice on Adam Levine’s team. Islanders can see her performing at local bars/restaurants, and she travels to Nashville to perform often.

The first event of The F.E.M. Collective Summer Series will be held at the Salty Crab Restaurant on Fort Myers Beach from 4-8 p.m. on July 5. Sheena Brook will host the event and perform with Erika Attwater, a musical artist from Nashville. Gabbi Ray from 104.7 The Mix will be the event emcee.

“I was just randomly hosting events, but I wanted it to be something more than that, I wanted to make a difference,” said Brook.

Brook believes gender inequality is still a huge issue, especially in the music industry. The F.E.M. collective strives for equality in music and beyond.

“We can’t necessarily control the rate of growth, everyone wants to be here,” said Brook. “We can’t control how many people come, but I want to be a part of controlling and helping the culture grow and evolve.”

Brook said that for women, the music industry is difficult to get into, especially if you’re not considered “young” enough. Brook is 35, which a lot of people would consider to be young, but not record labels, according to Brook.

“I get a lot of ‘nos.’ I think I’ve decided that it’s OK if people tell me no,” said Brook. “I decided to just make my own event that gives talented people who are getting the same treatment as me a chance to be heard. Nowadays, a record deal isn’t the end-all, be-all of success, either.”

“As female songwriters, we tend to hustle harder and change for people and allow the pressures of being perfect to suppress our art,” Brook said.

Admission to the event is free but VIP tickets are available for purchase at www.TheFEMMusic.com. VIP admission includes preferred seating, appetizers, two drink tickets and swag. Sponsorship packages are also available on the site and all corporate sponsorships purchased are good for three events.

Proceeds from the sales of VIP tickets will benefit Girls Going Places, a non-profit created in Southwest Florida in 1999 to educate young women about the financial and entrepreneurial opportunities available to them.

“As the first step to equality, women need to change how we support and treat each other,” said Brook. “The result will be growth musically, emotionally and spiritually in whatever shape that takes.”

The Salty Crab is at 1154 Estero Blvd. on Fort Myers Beach.