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Internet sensations shoot music video on Fort Myers Beach

By Staff | Jun 26, 2019

The Moy Boys shot their most recent music video “Nautical” aboard Salty Sam’s Pirate Ship on Fort Myers Beach and in Ocala. According to the boy band’s manager, the video received more than 200,000 views within hours of being uploaded. “Nautical” is the second song released by the duo.

The brothers that make up the Moy Boys are 16-year-old Sebastian Moy and 18-year-old Oliver Moy. They hail from Florida and, according to their manager, spend time in the Sunshine State whenever possible.

The young stars have a combined following of almost 15 million fans on social media platforms. Many devotees commented on the music video claiming to be part of the “Moyboy army,” seeming almost as if they have a cult following.

They began their careers as child actors working for Disney and Universal. As they got older, they realized that they wanted to pursue careers in the music industry. According to their manager, music has always been a huge influence in their lives.

The song, “Nautical” is written by older brother, Oliver Moy. It’s a pop song that tells the story of a boy who is willing to travel the seas in search of his true love. The video can be viewed on YouTube, and the song can be found on Spotify and iTunes.