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Community Spotlight: Mike Hotz

By Staff | Jan 27, 2016

The bus outside the Shamrock Irish Pub is a true classic.

Q: You are owner of the Shamrock Irish Pub, and that’s quite the bus you’ve got parked next door. Talk about a travel party! Tell us about it.

A: “It’s a 1981 school bus. I bought it from a friend five years ago. My friend was actually living in it – it was a pig sty. I bought it in November that year and worked on it until March. I’ve put way too much money into it.”

Q: What’s going on inside not in terms of behavior, as far as amenities go?

A: “It has seating and tables, four TVS, a fridge, a bathroom and an open deck on the back. I tore off the back in order to do that.”

Q: Other than it being a great conversation piece, what’s the bus’s main purpose?

The bus features a bathroom, tables, TVs and an open deck in the back.

A: “We take it to Spring Training games and drive it in the Shrimp Festival Parade. It makes for good promotion.”

Q: “Do the neighbors complain about it?”

A:”No, not at all. In fact, my neighbor, Brownie, let’s me park it on her property. She’s a retired school teacher and watched me work on it from start to finish so I think she has a soft spot for it. And lots of people take pictures with it – especially tourists.”

Q: Is it for rent? And if so, who drives?

A: “Oh yes it is, but either I drive or my son-in-law drives. I wear a cap that has a pony tail built into it, because it’s my hippie bus. I charge people according to how far and long they take it. I get wedding parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, Spring Training groups, or people who just want to bar hop down Estero Boulevard, which requires a driver who knows what they’re doing. If not, you’ll get stuck.”

Mike Hotz, owner of the bus, is ready to take your party out for a spin.

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