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GREEK PLEDGE: Lani Kai to donate $100,000 to off-island church

By Staff | Oct 22, 2014

BOB PETCHER The Conidaris family presented a check for $50,000 ($50,000 more has been pledged for a total of $100,000) to the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church of Fort Myers and Father Dean Nastos at Lani Kai Beach Resort today. The donation, made in loving memory of late family matriarch, Grace Conidaris, will go towards a newly constructed Sunday School building.

Lani Kai Beach Resort recently made a $100,000 donation pledge to the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church of Fort Myers. The money will go towards a newly constructed Sunday School building.

On Tuesday, Oct. 14, the Conidaris family presented Father Dean Nastos with a $50,000 check during a luncheon at the Island View Restaurant. Another $50,000 check will be awarded at the completion of the project.

Conidaris Builders is the general contractor for the building project. Michael Conidaris, son of family patriarch and Lani Kai owner Bob Conidaris, presented the check to Father Nastos.

“On behalf of the Conidaris family, my mother and my father, we want to present a check to you for $50,000,” he said. “When we are completed, there will be another check for $50,000.”

Bob Conidaris stated the sizable donation was dedicated to the late family matriarch, Grace Conidaris, who was known for her love of children, generosity and benefits. Bob now has 25 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

“This is made in memory of my wife, Grace. I love her very much and I love my family,” he said.

The building project is underway and expected to be finished in a few more months, according to Father Nastos.

“We are taking the financial responsibility to pay for the new building through donations from parishioners and fundraisers,” he said.

Father Nastos had kind words for both Conidaris men and the family in general.

To Michael, he said: “Because of your talent, we are able to begin, continue and finish our vision for the future in order to be able to assist our young children.”

To Bob, he said: That is what this man is all about. He wants young people to grow in all aspects of life -physical, spiritual, mental and religious.”

To the family, he said: “I can’t wait until the final day, when we open the doors and the children go inside and see the name above, they will know why and by whom this took place. Because of their dedication and commitment, that is why we are gathered here today. On behalf of our parish, we thank you.”

The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church classroom office complex building became more than an idea when the parish voted to construct it in November 2013. It will replace a smaller existing space due to parish expansion.

“It was done in order to hold five classrooms for our religious Sunday School program,” said Father Nastos. “They were not sufficient enough to hold the children that we have, because our parish is growing.”