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Spiked in the Sand: Upcoming FMB Volleyball League info New players always welcome to join

By Staff | Jan 6, 2011

The annual Sunday King/Queen of the Beach League begins Sunday, Jan. 9, at 9:30. It looks like we may post fewer nets so, my advice, sign up now online to reserve your spot. You can pay online or on-site Sunday, but please bring exact change.

There have been a couple of procedural (and rule) changes to the Sunday League. Please be sure to acquaint yourselves accordingly. See the info/FAQs page on the website (FMBvolleyballClub.com). I’d recommend you give that page a thorough read before playing in the league there’s a lot of information there that you should want to know.

So far, the consensus for changing back to the old “let serve” rule is to leave it as-is (no fault when the ball touches the net during serve). People who sign up online get a vote we’ll let you know the final result Sunday prior to the beginning of play.

Remember, we’re at the beginning of high season, and, if you don’t get over the bridge early, you’re going to need to add another 20 or more minutes to your travel time.

I don’t know when the Holiday Inn of Fort Myers Beach will begin charging to park, but expect that it will happen. The only place we can park is on the old tennis courts it’s that or Santini Plaza.

I’m not going to harass people about which division they sign up for if you make the wrong choice, you’ll figure that out pretty quickly (perhaps cheerfully assisted by some of the better folks in your pool).

The way I look at it is, if you can routinely pass consistently well, that moves you out of Rec/B.

“BB” should know the rules of the game and have some understanding of a strategy and how doubles is actually meant to be played.

“A” players pass well all the time, may have some skill at hand setting and definitely communicate during play.

“AA” players can do all these things well, are somewhat relaxed in the process, and have figured out which side they should play. When they start “thumpin” people regularly in AA, it’s probably time to move up. Remember, this is just how I see it and hardly the “gold standard.”

Novice volleyball players: If you want to get good, there are a couple ways to do that: 1. Practice; 2. Attend one of Troy’s skill sessions; and 3. Play in the Sunday League.

Big Game Bar and Grill evening leagues will resume when it gets a little warmer (probably the end of February). Ditto for Fort Myers Downtown 4’s (don’t have any dates yet from Eric).

Pick-up is a good option at both locations when the temperature is right Jack Delgado has Thursday nights going in Estero in the sand.

For any more information on upcoming Fort Myers Beach Volleyball League happenings, visit FMBvolleyballClub.com.