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A divided nation

March 20, 2019
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

Unfortunately the United States is a divided nation which seems to be catering more to those illegally within our shores than to the life, liberty and happiness of our next generation. From a political standpoint, is this commitment geared more toward a humanitarian need or the more obvious need for future votes to shore up a political party

This more socialistic move toward the left may prove to be advantageous to those in the future political arena. But, it is a sure way, as experienced in past fallen democracies, a start of altering or ending our democracy as we have known it here in the United States put in place by our forefathers.

Illegal and unchecked immigration as we have experienced over the past years, has created a community atmosphere of immigrants who refuse to assimilate and commit to the betterment of the United States of America. We are seeing the ill effects of these patterns now throughout Europe.

As a nation whose growth and prosperity is based on United We Stand, we are now seeing an erosion of this basic premise.

The sacrifices of so many true Americans from our past generations are now being abandoned to accommodate those breaking our immigration laws or failing to assimilate to our American way of life. Yet, when those Americans whose sacrifices through the years built and protected this great nation object to these errant policies, they are labeled as racist.

We are now learning that our northern neighbors in Canada offer entry into their countries without visas that is resulting in a new pathway for illegal entry into our country from our northern borders.

It only takes a few generations to forget the lessons that were learned in history.

Professor Alexander Tyler wrote that a democracy can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves money from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for candidates promising the most money from the public treasury. Hence, unchecked socialistic programs lead to the collapse of a democracy over these loose fiscal policies.

Unfortunately, what many do not realize is that "Humanitarian Intervention" is not that of open borders for illegal immigrants, but rather of making change of the sovereign state they live in. Withholding U.S. aid from a government (corrupt or other) in violation of these basic human rights is the first step of achieving these goals. As a last resort, it is taking a measure of intervention in assisting the people of that sovereign state to create that change. We are now seeing the workings of this change in Venezuela. So loosely defining "Humanitarian Intervention" as military intervention, precludes non-military forms of intervention such as human aid and international sanctions.

So wake up America -?Our fight on how to address illegal immigration cannot be solved until we first address the ways to stop this illegal entry and overstayed visas by upholding our nation's immigration laws. Application for entry or asylum can only be sought from their countries of origin. Immediate deportation of all in violation of our immigration laws will eventually send a message to those violating our laws.

Most importantly is the understanding that we are not a national orphanage for anchor babies. We need a law that makes all those born within our shores to those who are illegally here, not automatic U.S. citizens. As a rule of law we must examine and determine the intent of these illegals to reproduce within our shores as being strictly on fraudulent means to obtain family benefits from the pockets of our U.S. taxpayers. Obtaining benefits by deception is a felony.

We cannot be a strong nation if we cannot enforce compliance of our laws. Life is a gift, freedom is a responsibility. And, "For those who fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know."

Jack Wagner

Cape Coral



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