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Let's direct beachgoers to the bathrooms, not build new ones

Letter to the Editor

December 20, 2017
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Let's direct beachgoers to the bathrooms, not build new ones

To the Editor:

In response to some recent reports on reviving a plan to place public bathrooms on beach accesses. It would seem the first thing is to establish what exists today. I have read there is one, three and seven public bathrooms in the Town. I count eight Bowditch Park, Lynn Hall Park, Crescent Beach Park, Town Hall, Bay Oaks Rec Center, the Library, Mound House and Newton Park. Six of these are on Estero Blvd and close to the beach. If members of the Estero Island Taxpayers Association and the LPA are not aware of the number and locations of our public bathrooms, then how can we expect our visitors to be able to find a restroom. Instead of courting controversy by trying to place bathrooms in public right of ways where they may not be legal since that land is not owned by the Town, we could put signs on the beach accesses that give the distance, direction and hours to the nearest public restroom. That would be useful for visitors and residents, would help utilize what we already are paying to maintain, would not violate the limited and varying uses defined when the beach access roads were platted, and could be accomplished quickly. And it would give visitors a chance to check out books are our library or visit the museum at the Mound House. If the community really feels that we need more restrooms than maybe mandate that businesses that park those car loads of bladders on the beach provide that service for their customers, like most other businesses already do.

Bill Veach

Fort Myers Beach



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