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ACA needs to be replaced with something better

Letter to the Editor

February 15, 2017
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

ACA needs to be replaced with something better

To the Editor:

I have read Francis Ronney's commentary on the ACA with interest.

Mr. Rooney is correct that "Obamacare" is inadequate. But it has done a lot for millions of people, including people I know. I am willing to bet that there are people you know that have been helped by this law too.

My nephew, who is just starting out in his chosen field, is able to stay on his parents' health care until he turns 26, thanks to the ACA.

My husband and I , both of whom have chronic illnesses, are able to change employers, if we choose, without losing health care coverage because Obamacare mandates portability.

My friend can receive ongoing care for her severely ill child, whose "lifetime cap" would have been used up before age 2 if not for Obamacare.

The female employees at the company I work for are no longer charged more for their health care than their male co-workers, because the ACA made that change too.

We can get flu shots and pneumonia vaccines at no additional charge, because the ACA mandates that preventive coverage.

Yes, the law needs to be changed. While it has expanded coverage to a large number of previously uninsured people, it has not done enough to rein in costs, particularly in the areas of pharmaceuticals and medical appliances. In addition, in too many places, people have found that there is not enough competition in insurance products and that th eplans offered have too few providers included for people to make sensible choices for their health needs. Those things urgently need to be corrected, and I hope Mr. Rooney and others in Congress will work to correct those deficiencies.

Before we get rid of a law that has done so much to help so many, let's be sure that what we are offering to replace it does more.


Kathleen G. Finderson

Fort Myers Beach



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