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Do not vote for Cereceda

Letter to the Editor

February 15, 2017
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Do not vote for Cereceda

To the Editor:

Here is why we do not want to re-elect Anita Cereceda for Town Council.

Do you remember Mayor Cereceda:

Meeting behind the scenes with developer Torgerson to support allowing a hotel project at 5 times the density allowed per our Comprehensive Plan!

Pushing and pushing for a $30+ Million "Cadillac" stormwater system costing each homeowner up to $50/mo.! Cereceda blocked Council requested referendum vote by casting deciding "NO" vote.

Voting for the "Debt Management Policy" giving the Town authority to borrow up to $28.5 Million for any reason Council desires!

Voting for buying Town Hall for $1.1 Million then, authorizing an un-necessary $1.6 Million renovation. Town Hall purchase was turned down by Fort Myers Beach voters in 2012! Then, $500,000 of gas tax funds were inappropriately used to cover these expenses! Fort Myers Beach taxpayers are still paying this money back.

Town support staff growing to 70+ employees, increasing salaries to as high as $140,000/yr. Then there is the Town staff's enormous fleet of vehicles!

Did you know:

When she stepped down as Mayor at the first Council meeting after the March, 2016 Council election, the Town was "broke" from her Council's lavish and irresponsible spending. Town's Audit committee on June 12, 2015, wrote "Town seems to have a spending problem." regarding 2014/2015 actual expenditures and the proposed 11% increase for 2015/2016 Budget. "Net cash position remained stable for the 5 years prior to last (when Cereceda became Mayor), then net cash position declined by $3.6 Million for the year ended 9/30/14." I think she did not want to face the music for her irresponsible governance and out of control spending as the continuing Mayor!

We cannot afford to let Cereceda continue to damage our special, small beach town community with unwanted growth policies and out of control spending. It's your choice on March 7 PLEASE come out and vote for other Council candidates to help bring back "Government Lite" for Fort Myers Beach.

Drain the Swamp!

Mike Baker

Fort Myers Beach



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