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Stop killing our marine life on Fort Myers Beach

Letter to the Editor

December 7, 2016
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Stop killing our marine life on Fort Myers Beach

To the Editor:

I walk the beach every morning from about Topp's to the Pier. I take three or four yellow plastic bags with me and usually fill all of them with the debris and garbage that litter our beach. It really is amazing that the whole reason most people come to Fort Myers Beach is because of the beach! So why would they leave such clutter? Whatever you brought to the beach, take off the beach when you leave. And as a point of information to you interlopers, this is our beach. This is not your ashtray! Next time you buy a pack of cigarettes, buy one of those little tin cans of Altoids mints. They make a great container for your butts. Did you know California passed a law, "no smoking on the beach?"

But as bad as that is, the worst things that you leave and the things that end up in the water and the things that get swallowed up by the marine life, leaving them to die a horrible death, are the following: anything plastic like straws, plastic drinking cups and their plastic covers, plastic sandwich bags, fishermen's plastic bait bags and balloons.

How about we all do this. Bring a litter bag and an ash tray of some kind with you when you pack your cooler, chairs, blankets, towels and umbrellas. Enjoy the beach. Preserve the wildlife. Leave only your footprints!

Eddie Foster

Fort Myers Beach



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