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Please vote for John Pohland for Fire Commissioner

Letter to the Editor

November 2, 2016
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Please vote for John Pohland for Fire Commissioner

To the Editor:

The Fort Myers Beach Fire Department currently employs approximately 52 firefighters. They need someone that understands the functions of the Board of Commissioners and knows how to effectively work to achieve them. Many insurance companies do not use the ISO rating for homeowner's insurance rates. So, the costs associated with raising the District's ISO from a 2 to 1, would most likely increase taxes for many with little if any effect on insurance rates. Only a handful of the thousands of districts nationwide are rated 1 by the ISO. We should be proud of a 2 rating which already ranks us in the top 2 percent nationally. I like the fact that the Board is financially healthy and does not have to depend on government grants which only have the effect of putting your finger in the dike. I do not want to have tax dollars used for providing fire rescue boat service when we have an efficient Coast Guard that we partner with and we are not responsible for the surrounding waters. I want a commissioner elected that does not shoot from the hip but carefully studies the issues and considers all the options. I want someone that can effectively work as a team player to make changes and explore new ideas that can save taxpayer dollars. That is why I will be voting for John Pohland for Seat 2 of the FMB Fireboard. Please join me in voting for John Pohland!

Eric M. Huntsman

Ft. Myers Beach



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