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Cat calling

Letter to the Editor

August 10, 2016
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the Editor:

South Fort Myers and Beach Area: I am outraged by a situation that occurred this past week. I am part of a group of volunteers that feed a colony of feral cats on San Carlos Boulevard. We have been doing this for several years. These cats were part of a T/N/R program which means they were spayed/neutered so they can't reproduce and their ears clipped. Recently, the property where they congregate at dark for feeding, was purchased. We were told to move the feeding station away from the building, down by a bird nesting pole, which we did. However, we began noticing fewer cats each time. We looked around and found cages where they were being trapped. Upon investigation learned they were being caught and taken to the shelter where they were being killed because Animal Control does not try to adopt out feral cats. This was done secretly, behind our backs without giving us a chance to relocate them. I believe this is very underhanded.

There are many such groups feeding colonies like these, some of which July 2, had a feature article in another newspaper dedicated to them. Many other states also have such groups. Those of us who care about living creatures spend our time and some of our own money to do this. It incenses me that these people have the gall to destroy animals that are doing nothing to harm them and just need to be fed.

I would appreciate it if you would print this to make the public aware. We are dedicated people who are trying to do our part to control these populations with care and without killing them unnecessarily.

Frances Gatlin

Fort Myers Beach



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