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Is the solution to max out the town's credit cards?

June 15, 2016
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

We've just returned from three weeks in Europe and I began reading The Observer. I thought the Stormwater Fee fiasco was a problem and expressed my opinion before I left. I find out now that we are going to use multi-million dollar loans like a citizen would max out their credit cards. I am astounded at what a mess our little Island Town is in financially. Mr. Steele, I think we are expecting miracles from you.

I was once in a governmental position and the organization was over budget and out of control. They called in an expert who had solved similar problems. His first step was RIF=Reduction In Force, laying off and firing personnel. He actually started at the top, not the actual workers, but the administrators. And, it was painfully effective. ( Just so you don't think I'm heartless, I was RIFFed, demoted with a salary cut. I left in three months went entrepreneurial and was phenomenally successful.)

Next he looked at extraneous assets, like our fleet of town vehicles. I've seen and been told the Public Works vehicles are parked at 2 p.m. and sit there useless and unused. My personal experience was just before season as I was driving north on Estero Boulevard. One at a time three vehicles pulled out ahead of me. Each of them were town-owned vehicles and each were from a different department.

The U.S. Census Bureau reported FMB had 3,444 households in 2010 and 3,566 in 2014.

Stop ALL the projects. I'm not knowledgeable enough to determine what you can just STOP! But, you are. Don't max out our town credit cards and put us into overwhelming debt for generations to come.

Let the county finish Estero Boulevard without our financial support, if they own it. As I stated before, we are the County, the State, the Federal Government. We ARE the people. Pay the minimal amount required now and then just stop it all. Let the next generation complete the Streetscape. We don't NEED it.

Mr. Steele, are you able to stop a bureaucracy that is out of control? You have the majority support of our Town Council and of the residents of our Town. We proved that for you in the recent election!

Georgia Shakti-Hill

Fort Myers Beach



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