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Sugar business lines government pockets

June 8, 2016
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

I find Mr. "Bubba" Wade Jr.'s comments last week in your paper quite interesting. He points fingers at the environmental critics for the misinformation. While I am not an environmental specialist, I do know two facts that Mr. Bubba does not mention. This entire crisis we face today is the direct result of the very rich Cuba exiles who came to Florida and started the sugar industry by convincing (with money) Florida and federal lawmakers to alter the natural flow of the lake to allow them to start what would be to this day a very lucrative sugar industry.

Second, and still to this day, the sugar lobby pumps millions of dollars in the election funds of local, state and federal officials to not only maintain the status quo but to also continue to receive billions of dollars in federal subsidies to make sure they never take a loss. These subsidies are paid for by every American in higher prices for sugar, both at the supermarket level and every product manufactured that contains sugar as an ingredient. This lobby is very powerful and has deep pockets that is obvious by all the money they are spending lately to redefine their image.

To all our current and future politicians that plan to run for our local, state and federal positions this year, you should refrain from taking donations from this lobby as it would appear to be a conflict of interests, especially if you run on a platform of clean water for Florida.

Come on Mr. Bubba Wade Jr, V.P. corporate strategy for U.S. Sugar, your article looks like a vain attempt to change the narrative. Become part of the solution and let's not prolong the problem.

Ed Wilson

Fort Myers Beach



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