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My French brothers, my beloved world

November 18, 2015
SandyBlu Anderson , Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

We are not immune to the ideologies of man. yet it still comes like a raging storm from calm seas when it happens in places where everything can be wonderful everyday.

Where hunger can be fed for a dollar at Mac Donald's and water is abundant.

When we hear of radical behavior in second and third world countries like Beirut, Iraq, Somalia where in each of these places hundreds have died and thousands maimed, homeless, orphans are rampant in the streets.

We feel horror, sadness. Yet it seems to come as no surprise to some even common place.

Is it only yourself you fear for? Is protection your highest motivator?

Devastation and unprovoked terrors are the same no matter where you live the people still die, children still crumble beneath there elders. Terror is just that terror. whether it is a fine glass of champagne or a clay cup of fresh dirty water you are drinking when the explosion comes. The explosion still comes the only difference is the crystal or the clay that falls to the ground.

Little did we know in 2001 how cruel and inventive terror can be, it's been this way for all time in the name of gods and mans idealisms.

It happens in third world countries everyday.

Brothers and sisters of man ban together, realize each other's pain and fears. Help each other to experience happiness and understanding.

Reach out when you can, create the energy be the change, feel compassion or non can be felt for you.

Tell your brother mindless of race, color, creed, age. that you have an ear and you want to help, to teach, to hold, to sing out to and for the joy of life.

Einstein says everything, Everything that is alive is energy that this energy does not disperse. What you make of this matter matters. Keep yours positive reach out, hold back selfishness, you are no less but no more then the next being each cell growing and becoming a vessel of this energy.

The only thing you can do to rise above where you are is to reach for the sky and put all you got into bettering your fellow man, the abused dog, the stray cat, the littered ocean, feed the children of Ethiopia of all nations. Heal the battle scared minds of children forced to be soldiers or die.

Everytime you shine your light you share your joy, you chip away at the darkness you slice away the strangle hold on a lonely soul bent on revenge or vengeance.

I'm not saying this fixes everything but if it is a constant helping and caring for your fellow being, the down trodden of our own and other lands. The warriors who fight for them, for us. Whomever you may be reach out because each light lit begins to light up the world.

Play your drums, dance by the fire converse with other about projects that reach out to help others and each time you do this tell them you are a warrior of light let them know we did this and we are not afraid,when we help each other we can reach farther then any Isis, Taliban, Al Queda, any terrorist.

We reach and the more good done against them in there name the less power they can wield.

If the whole world fights back against ignorance some as warriors, some as teachers,artists, conservationists, caregivers, friends and families with love and understanding for one another. We can overcome for we are not afraid

It is only in our separation that we are weak. It is not just stopping the terrorist but stopping the terror by coming together as fellow beings all worthy of the beauty of life.

I am sad to say this does not mean there will be no wars, no fighting, no loss of loved ones and yes, there will be blood and sorrow. It's been that way since man was begat. But if you are not a warrior battling in the fields you can be a warrior of light and BURN, BABY, BURN that darkness down.

My Dear France, My Dear World.

I light a fire for you to burn away the hatred. I light a candle for you to see your way home. I light my mind for you enlighten us, I light my soul for you and we carry on.

We are Love, WE are the Warriors of Light and we are not afraid of the dark! (it's good for sleep ;)

Shine your Light, Love,

SandyBlu Anderson

Fort Myers Beach

P.S. My love and light to Emmanuelle, a wonderful French girl and one of the brightest lights I know I'm sorry this happened to your home.



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