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Vote for someone who actually knows

September 9, 2015
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

Donald Trump calls Obamacare a disaster because rates are increasing 40 to 50 percent. Apparently he doesn't know why. He also seems to think the Iran deal leaves Israel in deep trouble; apparently he also doesn't know Israel has 300 nuclear warheads that would wipe Iran off the face of the earth if just one came their way.

As a former 35 year insurance agent I can tell you it's not Obamacare causing any problem, it's the insurance companies and the states controlled by Republican governors. Obamacare actually contains a clause forbidding rate increases over 10 percent unless justified by the State Insurance Commissioners. Our own Governor passes a bill SB1842 taking authority away from our Insurance Commissioner to deny wild rate increases. Countrywide in 17 markets rates decreased, in 87 markets they increased less than 10 percent and guess what, 58 markets controlled by governors like ours they increased well above 10 percent. They talk about government control but the best form of health care in this country is Medicare, completely controlled by the Federal Government. You see hospital bills with astronomical rates, and then you see what Medicare actually paid. You don't see 40 to 50 percent rate increases in your premium. You can purchase supplements like the AARP, go to any doctor and specialist and never pay a co-pay or a bill. All Federal Government controlled. Remember this was fought against by Republicans just like they fought Obamacare.

For years employers occasionally changed HMOs and their employees had to change doctors. Unfortunately, when Obama made the statement "You can keep your own doctor" he should have said only if your HMO is in the ACA and you keep the same company. He left himself open for a Republican LIAR ATTACK when actually nothing really changed; previously if you changed HMOs most times you also had to change doctors. This had nothing to do with Obamacare.

Then you have the requirement of employers who need to purchase healthcare if they have over 50 employees. Think about this, you're a CEO with over 50 employees and you're making millions and you have no interest helping your employees. Perfect example: Papa John's, John Schnatter making over $3.5 million per just in salary, not even counting the stock he already has, denies healthcare to his already low paid employees and lays them off or lowers their work hours to under 30. Claims he would have to increase his pizzas by 14 to 28 cents. Wow! I would gladly pay an added 28 cents for a pizza knowing this is a guy who cares about his employees. John in just five years would make $20 million or more, that alone would let him retire with a $571,000 per year income not even counting interest made on the money for next 35 years. This is the type of person demonizing Obamacare while drowning in his money and throwing his employees under the bus to show how bad Obamacare is. I think his advertisement should be "Better Ingredients, low pay, no healthcare, Papa John's."

Seniors have saved over $20 billion because the ACA lowered drug costs in the Part D Medicare donut hole. Multi-millions have been saved because children can now remain on their parent's policy until age 26. Insurance companies had to return millions in premium to their policy holders because the ACA states 80 percent of your premium must go directly toward medical costs. Some companies actually used only 60 percent toward medical costs and you can guess where the rest went. Insurance companies can no longer use a lifetime Cap benefit to stop coverage or drop your coverage after you become sick. Previously when you appealed a claim only insurance companies reviewed it, now a third independent party must take part.

It seems, if you're Republican you must hate Obamacare, even though the majority of haters don't even know what the plan is composed of.

If just one Republican candidate would avoid the political adversity theme and say, look Obamacare is here to stay so since we actually have no plan we should now work to improve Obamacare not repeal it.

This would show intelligence and care for humanity BUT it would give them Liberal Leprosy like hugging Obama did to Charlie Crist. So if you want Wealth over Health, Profit over People, mysterious health plans never before initiated, vote Republican.

Ted Spiewak

Fort Myers



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