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U.S. behind the curve on Cuba

September 2, 2015
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

Well, if you are waiting for Congress to lift the embargo or waiting to travel to Cuba, it seems you will have to wait.

Congress will not lift the embargo fully. It will not repeal the Cuban Liberty Democracy Solidarity Act either.

As for travel, there will probably be no commercial flights to Cuba for a full year. The brakes have been placed on the proposed ferries also.

On trade, the U.S. treasury will make some disposition for other countries' ships that break the 180-day trade rule.

Other nations are moving forward to do business with Cuba. For example Russia has written off Cuba's Soviet-era debt and proposes that Cuba repays the rest by developing Russian projects on the island. China is rapidly expanding its business with Cuba.

Cuba must avoid all indemnities, especially to do with the United States. Cuba must demand that the United States pays for all damages suffered. They must avoid business with the World Bank and the international monetary fund .These are only extensions of the United States,rich nations, corporations, and rich families.

Why is this important ? Books are written on this. "The Economic Hit Man," and "The Secret History of the American Empire" are examples. The EHM and the Jackals set the smaller nation up, then the Corporatocracy steps in. Loans are plentiful through the W.B. and I.M.F..

History is also a good teacher of how this plays out. Many good countries and many good men have tried to do this and many end in ruin, or dead. When leaders stop selling their country's people out and stand up for them they get turned on. In some cases they have a war. You remember the flourishing nation of a Iraq. You also remember the chemical weapons and the weapons of mass destruction. We knew they had them because we supply them (chemical weapons).

Cuba, I am sure remembers advice from Jos'e Mart'i and Che Guevara who advised not to do business with United States. Unfortunately we executed Che in October 1967 in the highlands of Bolivia.

Why do I bring this up? It seems we have no shame. We must live with the rest of the world and contain our greed. Only our citizens can demand change and they are uninformed or not interested.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers



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