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Imagination – Paranoia – You tell me

August 19, 2015
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

Do conservatives hate these low gasoline prices? What happened to 'drill baby drill'? What about the XL Pipeline, even more oil on the world market? Could their opposition to the Iran nuclear deal have anything to do with not seeing their massive amount of oil coming to market?

Do you really think your finances would improve if they were back threatening to attack Iran and calling them part of the axis of evil and deregulating the Wall Street banksters again (Volker Rule and Dodd-Frank Act)? It really worked with North Korea didn't it. How would another war in the Middle East fit into solving the national debt they take so much joy in detailing (this administration has cut deficit spending by two-thirds)?

Maybe you believe this time the war really will be paid for by freed Iranians with gold nuggets tucked in the roses they toss to the conquering army?

Who would stand to benefit if Scott Walker were to obtain the office of President and act on "saying he'll be prepared to bomb Iran on his first day in the Oval Office." Koch Industries (oil refiners) is primed to back his candidacy with $900 million. Talk of or actual Middle East hostilities spike oil prices and Koch, the U.S. and transnational petroleum corporations, would benefit tremendously if the price of oil went back up. The frackers and refiners are feeling the pinch with these peace time oil prices and they are willing to spend big to stir it up again.

Walker or Jeb or Rubio, he's our man. They'll shut that Iranian oil down.

Michael Bartley

Ft Myers Beach



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