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Ralliers needed for water quality cause

July 8, 2015
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

Join the major Clean Water Rally on July 12, at noon. Crescent Beach Family Park is the starting point.

We will form a Hands Across The Sand line with humans arm in arm linked as a bond for ending the Lake O discharges and demanding clean water for our local waters and community at large.

On rally day, we will march to The Beach Pub to be there for the clean water concert that starts at 2 p.m. until sunset with live music and great eco-minded speakers during this day. It's an all-island, all-community outreach for community action event not to be missed.

As official non-profit status now, the Jo Finney Clean Water Rally invites all of Southwest Florida to attend for the sake of clean water and to save Fort Myers Beach from our water quality issues that could very well kill our main lifeline in tourism, real estate and the very real quality of our lives as Beach residents.?

The only way we stand up for our community is to be involved in our community.?If we don't stand up for something, then we choose to fall for everything.?And if we choose to ignore the problems, then the problems still exist.?We will not turn a blind eye to our very real water quality issues as a community of FMB because we will not allow big business and dirty politics ruin our local waters for their own personal profits. We end up blind if we as a community do not open our eyes to save FMB from the Lake O discharges.??We are not protestors.?We are not activists.?We are the same ordinary people as you and I who simply care about home and want to protect our homes on the Beach.?Join us as the Jo Finney Clean Water Rally on July 12. Without you then there can be no US.?See y'all there as one human family of FMB for clean water!

John G Heim

2014 Great American rivers association River Champion

Fort Myers Beach



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