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Welcome back snowbirds/ remember the turn signal

October 19, 2011
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

I would like to pass along a little reminder for those who have trouble or are too lazy to use the easiest mechanical device in any vehicle - the directional signal.

With a lot of people too busy to simply drive appropriately and utilize the side and rear mirrors while they are on the road because they HAVE to talk on their cell phone or STUPIDLY text while operating a vehicle, the turn signal gets neglected.

People wonder why there is road rage and WORSE avoidable accidents while they are going from point A to point B. People wonder why they get "flipped off," honked at or nearly collide with another driver in another vehicle. Well, simple and safe driving techniques can alleviate such nuisances.

The use of a turn signal can be very neighborly as well. Say if you are at a four-way stop and two vehicles approach that stop at roughly the same time, the directional signals will let each other know which path each has chosen and allows them to act accordingly. If neither chooses to use the easiest mechanical device in a vehicle, then there is either balking or anger or advancement in the same direction that causes congestion or an accident. You'd be amazed how many drivers tend to allow someone to take the turn when they ACTUALLY use the turn signal.

Then there are the ones that sit in the middle lane without the use of a turn signal. That makes other drivers wonder if they are turning away from traffic, back into it or are simply just hanging out in the middle lane. The SIMPLE use of a turn signal will alleviate stress and awkwardness in that situation.

Now, the lesson. For those who do not use the directional signal, you may need a refresher course to re-learn the EASIEST mechanical device in a vehicle. I take it you know where the steering wheel is because that is one thing you do have to hold on to when driving. Well, look to the left of that device and you will see a stick/handle protruding from the side of the steering wheel. If you plan on going right, push the handle to the right. If you plan on going left, push the handle to the left. It is that EASY.

So why not use the EASIEST device in a motor vehicle? We are already dealing with enough issues ranging from a down economy, unemployment, traffic congestion, political hardball amongst our taxing districts and whatever else is bogging us down.

Please consider the simple things in life like the use of a directional signal. It can save a life and create harmony on the road.

Nobody wants to get ambushed or knifed because of laziness. The road is for driving, not for makeup application, texting, phone calls, shaving, computer use or anything else that will distract you while you are getting to somewhere.

Be smart. Be safe. Be attentive. Live a long life without threats. Thank you!

John "Full Time" Smith

Fort Myers Beach



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