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Response to “tattered flags” letter

October 5, 2011
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

This is in response to a Letter to the Editor in the Sept. 28th, 2011 edition titled "Tattered Flags need to come down".

With the utmost respect to the author of the letter, I take great offense in her outlook at what is acceptable to show Respect and Love of this Country we all call home. We Love and Respect Our Country. We Love and Respect Our Flag. We Respect and have the Deepest Gratitude for those who Serve. This is why we choose to fly Our Flag.

However, I have never heard that the only "acceptable" way to show that respect is by flying a "Pristine" Flag. The soldier who was in the casket she referred to did not die fighting for a "Perfect/Brand New" Flag. That soldier gave his life fighting for the Flag of Our Country. Period. I believe not only that solider but any soldier would rather see any Flag flying in Support and Respect for all that they do and give, then see no Flag flying at all.

We live here in Southwest Florida where the elements take their toll on anything that is left unprotected to their effects. The Flags in question were barely 6 months old. And as the effects of the elements became apparent, "An Order Was Placed to Replace Them", as she was told when she inquired about them. That should have been sufficient to appease her. To continue to the extent she has with contacting various organizations is carrying it to an extreme. Let me clarify that between her inquiry about the flags and the posting of the letter being referred to here, is a week's time frame.

I am not sure the last time this individual has purchased a flag, but flags of the size that we referencing are not inexpensive at all. As any business in these hard economic times will attest, you must carefully pick and choose where to put the revenue generated by your business. With that understanding, sometimes the things you would like to do must be put aside in order to preserve your resources. This being a factor, and to still show Our Love, Support and Respect of Our Country, my bosses chose to "personally" endure the cost for these flags. They felt that strongly about showing their Love and Respect.

As everyone is aware, The Fort Myers Princess has only been part of the beach community for a little over a year now. We have tried to support all aspects of the community and be a business that the entire community can be proud to have in their mist. We have and continue to uphold the highest standards for that business and for the community at large.


Kathi Bohannan

Office Coordinator-The Fort Myers Princess

To Note: The Flags HAVE Been Removed until Our "New Flags" arrive. I apologize to any Service Person that because of this cannot See and Feel the Love, Respect and Support we have for Them and Our Country!



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