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Establishments paying for live music still an issue

September 21, 2011
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

To the editor:

Again, I IMPLORE YOU to GET INVOLVED with LOCAL Politics. If You DON'T, you (As I said before) WILL get ALL the BAD Government. You deserve, from Town Hall.

VOTING IS NOT ENOUGH !!!! Have You read the first page article of the other weekly newpaper titled: "LPA Approves La Ola Request." Where does OUR Town Council GET OFF dictating to a Business whether or not they can or cannot have Live Music, and ONLY allowing it if that Business PAYS for a VERY expensive Permit to do so??!! I DON'T get it ??!! I THOUGHT this was a FREE country, BUT NO !!!!

And also ALL the RIDICULOUS sign permit codes that nitpick minor this n' that details, contradict each other, requiring Business Owners to jump through hoops, not allowing them to IDENTIFY their Businesses to Paying Customers so as to possibly SURVIVE in this VERY difficult Economic climate We are currently in, and BLAME it ALL on some remote Goverment agency such as FEMA !!!!

Again, I thought this was AMERICA, NOT Red China, but apparently Town Hall DIFFERS in that opinion. Go To Town Hall Meetings and STRONGLY, LOUDLY Voice Your Dissatisfaction with ALL this, if You DON'T it WILL only get worse, I PROMISE!!!

Oh Yeah , and how about the "New" Public Service Tax"??? There will be an LPA Meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 11, 9 a.m., I suggest that You be in that room and VOICE Your Dissention, Your Dissatisfaction, if NOT, You will get ALL the BAD Goverment You deserve.

Happy Jeff

Full-time Islander



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